What’s with these GREEN sheep?


Kyle and I brainstormed a name for this blog for MONTHS before I finally settled on Baa Baa Green Sheep. Wow, you should have heard some of our earlier ideas. I will spare myself (and Kyle) the embarrassment.

It was quite the daunting task. No take-backs. This blog could be viral in 10 years, right, and a craptastic name would be a nightmare for my children someday in middle school.

My dear Kyle had an intimidating list of requirements for my blog name. Somehow, he weaseled his way into the blog naming business. I’m totally the real boss around here. Don’t be fooled 😉

So, what’s with these green sheep!?

Peep loves nursery rhymes. I know most of them by heart. Doesn’t everyone memorize early childhood literature to win over the hearts of new mom friends at the playground?!

Every time I tried to think of a name, I kept singing Baa Baa Black Sheep. It has always been a favorite of Peep and oh my gosh I adore the little whimiscal sheep-y things!

I’m probably a bit of a “black sheep,” myself. If you met me today, you might assume I belong to a long-line of kale munching, cloth diapering, water birthing hippies. Actually, my venture in the natural world started just before my first pregnancy.

I’ve progressively slipped from the  “conventional” lifestyle to the “crunchy” side of the scale. So I traded in the baa baa black sheep, for green sheep! I’m a bit of the family odd-ball, but not for long. I’m slowly bringing them over to the sunny side! After all, green is the new black.

Sometimes, being on the crunchy side has its laughs. A little off-topic, but check out this Scale of Crunchy Mamas.

So I had a blog name. I had the words ready to flow, but I needed some whimsical green sheep — cue my sister-in-law Shannon. Many thanks to her for creating all of my lovely Baa Baa Green Sheep logos and images! Aren’t they adorable?! She’s opened an Etsy shop which you should check out: Winnie Roo Designs.

And here we are. Welcome to the era of the green sheep.

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