My Sour Lent: Bidding Refined Sugar Farewell

Coincidentally, I chose February 18th, the start of Lent, to start my refined sugar-free lifestyle.

We typically eat a very clean diet. I rarely ever buy candy, sugary, or prepackaged foods but somehow we always manage to collect a cabinet fully of those oh-so addicting snacks. Refined sugar in our house just doesn’t work!

Most mornings, I fix about three breakfasts. Peep and Boy Blue are ravenous wild animals at breakfast. Typically I make smoothies to start, followed by a fruit, eggs and toast. But no matter how much I feed my kids, anything on my plate is GOLD! I’m one crabby mama when 10:00 am rolls around and I still haven’t eaten a crumb. In a moment of pure weakness and desperation, I degrade myself to chocolate peanut butter cup breakfast while hiding out in the laundry room.

Last Halloween, we took Peep & Boy Blue trick-or-treating to few houses in our neighborhood. Boy Blue had never tasted candy. But a few houses down the street we discovered Boy Blue had bitten through a wrapper and was devouring a full-size Milky Way! We had a good laugh, but form his first taste, this boy has had a heart for chocolate.

So at the start of Lent, we bid refined sugar farewell.

Kyle and I have decided that it’s something we are doing as a family because ultimately, refined sugar has no nutritional value or necessity in our diet. Sugar is addicting and without its presence, we will all be making healthier choices for ourselves.

So how will this work?

  • We will no longer have refined sugar in our home. Including white sugar, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup & powdered sugar
  • We’ll still eat plenty of foods with naturally occurring sugar, like fruit and dairy products.
  • We’ve chosen to use natural sweeteners such as honey (preferably raw) and pure maple syrup when cooking or sweetening coffee or tea. We try to keep these in moderation though because sugar is still sugar.
  • There’s are times when we will make an exception: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, celebrations or very special occasions. But to keep us on track, all leftover sugar will be removed from the house within 2 days after the celebration.
  • These rules are for our home. When we aren’t at home, we can indulge in small amounts of sugar within reason. I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 ratio. We strive to eat 80% healthy, nutritionally balanced meals and snacks. We are a little more relaxed on the last 20%. We focus on keeping that 80% of our healthy eating at home, so when we are out and about, we have the 20% wiggle room. I plan on indulging in one of my Aunt’s homemade chocolate coconut cream eggs on Easter! Just know I’ve been saving up my 20%! 😉

Wondering how we are coping without any sugar? What are we eating? What about Easter candy? Stay tuned!

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