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Welcome! I’m Valerie. A curly-haired, overly-organized, wife, mom of two, follower of Jesus…living the American-dream in the most cost-effective, fun and natural way I can.

Five years ago, I made a few lifestyle changes. It started with some homemade household cleaners and organic milk. Now I’m here to tell the tale of how our lifestyle turned upside down.

I’m obsessively organized. And man, it’s exhausting being organized with little people around. I’ve had curly hair my whole life and have learned to embrace it. I compulsively twirl those curls, probably to the point of causing early baldness someday. I’m a pianist and studied music in college. While I love classical music, 80’s music lights a fire in my soul. I love the color pink so much that even my wedding dress was pink. I married the oh so annoying guy who lived next door in my college dorm. But that love story is a tale for another day 😉 But most importantly, right now I’m a mom raising two little loving lambs.

Kyle, my partner in crime, is my little computer whiz. He loves techy gadgets & web design and is responsible for all the behind the scenes blog magic. He enjoys a good bargain just as much as me and is the master of watching YouTube videos to solve house repairs. He went to several Texas Ranger games during his childhood and he has been a dedicated Texas Ranger fan since!

The Little Lambs
Peep is our 3-year old girl. She’s a chatterbox, makes everyday into a real-life musical, and has hit the age of quotable madness.

Boy Blue, our 18-month old, is a mama’s boy! When he’s not cuddling his mommy, he is up to wild shenanigans. He loves testing out his pitching arm at dinner, bopping Peep on the head, & waving to cars!

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  • Love it! Beautifully done blog. I’ll be following your blog, Val. I’m excited to learn from you!

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