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“A Wake-Up Story”

I’ve gone from typical consumer to natural mama extraordinaire. And looking back over the past five years, the changes we made didn’t happen overnight. It was a long process, but one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done!

You’re probably reading my blog because you’re looking for a few changes yourself. No problem. I have a simple 101-step process to becoming a happier, healthier, planet saving super-being! Hah! There’s no check-list 😉

*Gasp* Where to start?

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My Sour Lent: Bidding Refined Sugar Farewell

Coincidentally, I chose February 18th, the start of Lent, to start my refined sugar-free lifestyle.

We typically eat a very clean diet. I rarely ever buy candy, sugary, or prepackaged foods but somehow we always manage to collect a cabinet fully of those oh-so addicting snacks. Refined sugar in our house just doesn’t work!

Most mornings, I fix about three breakfasts. Peep and Boy Blue are ravenous wild animals at breakfast. Typically I make smoothies to start, followed by a fruit, eggs and toast. But no matter how much I feed my kids, anything on my plate is GOLD! I’m one crabby mama when 10:00 am rolls around and I still haven’t eaten a crumb. In a moment of pure weakness and desperation, I degrade myself to chocolate peanut butter cup breakfast while hiding out in the laundry room.

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